Complexity Science & Community Health--Univ of Michigan Style

As I have discussed in previous posts, my two main substative foci are medical professionalism and community health--both from a complexity science perspective.

Over the next week I will be posting on the topic of community health, from a complexity science perspective, highlighting key ideas, scholars, periodicals, books, videos, and institutes.

I will begin with one of the leading institutes involved in the study of community health from a complexity science perspective, the Center for Social Epidemiology and Population Health (CSEPH), at the University of Michigan.

Working in conjunction with the world-renowned Center for the Study of Complex Systems at the Univ of Michigan, the CSEPH sits at the forefront of a complexity science approach to community health.

In 2007, the CSEPH held a symposium on complexity and community health. Here is an excellent video introducing the CSEPH symposium, housed at the National Institutes of Health, titled Symposium on a Complex Systems Approach to Population Health.


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  3. I think that is great that you are working in collaboration with others on the research of community health. I am very interested in community health because it effects everyone. I feel that community influences your health greatly. The resources, influences, and opportunities contribute to your health rather you realize it or not.

    Carol E.

  4. Hello professor, I am so glad and pleased to see how you are trying on this planet. Community health is as important as our environment being saved. What can make the world stay around. Money does not buy everything. Our health is the most important factor in the world. without it we caan not have money, cars, houses, or anything without health. And trying to expand our thinking on this subject is a huge opportunity. I have enjoyed these blogs and comments by other students and people. This is a good subject to really put ones heart into.

    Ryan F.

  5. upon entering the complexity blog listed to the left, i found an article on a conference and how the writer saw the split between how scientists and engineers think and how they relate to the issue at hand. it was quite interesting to me because i have always had some of the same thoughts, just never heard them expressed quite like this.

    in dealing with people from many "walks of life" i run into those who analyze, those who act on, and those who are ACTED upon! i hope you get the idea....we all have different perspectives, but it is rare to find one who can take these different perspectives and weave them together for the common good!! to me this is complexity at its best...
    Evey W