Pedaling Art 2012 Ohio City Bike CO-OP Art Show

Hello everyone!  It is time for the annual Pedaling Art Show to benefit the awesome Ohio City Bicycle CO-OP.  As the poster below explains, any art dealing with or using bicycles is welcome to be submitted for possible showing! 

This year, as shown below, my daughter and I went down to the CO-OP to search through all the wonderful recycled parts and decided to make bicycle jewelry. 

We call our works Wheels & Gears Jewelry.  We made over 20 pieces of bicycle jewelry--rings, bracelets and necklaces--all made from recycled bicycle parts.  They will all sell for $15 to $20 dollars.  What makes the pieces super cool is that they were all assembled entirely of bicycle parts.  No welding or soldering involved.


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  2. This is indeed creative. I never though that these small bike parts would look good as an accessory.

  3. This Sunday morning a new Art work will be placed in public, free for the taking. Marc Breed, has for 42-years placed art in public, in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Ann Arbor, immediately prior to arriving here in 1997. While many within the arts field, cannot tell you exactly what Marc does. The reason is as complex as is the artist himself. Mr. Breed works in whatever medium is at hand, with an eye firmly following the global arts dialog. He also is fully-cognizant of first amendment issues surrounding the arts. A fight he relishes. If you yourself conduct a web-search, the impression you'll be left with, is of a simple confidence man, who happens to be an artist. When the truth is that his faux ads are negative space, to the art which you'll well remember. And yes, many of his works are prurient.
    But, when at 15 you created a trifle, which later became the symbol for the anti-war movement. The expectations for yourself, are on a somewhat different plane.
    A small graffiti-esque piece will be left in or around Lakewoods' Root Cafe'; sometime this Sunday morning. For a man who rumors swirl around, he has been leaving us a huge bounty, for the taking.
    So far, such far flung fans have included Viktor Shrekengost, Dr. Dre, and Museum curators internationally.
    Many of us collect this artist whenever and wherever possible. With Larry Flynt's collection boasted an entire portfolio.

    Dr. Stanley Workman, Art Historian
    & Professor Emeritus